onsdag 30 november 2011

Al final
After a long period of struggling with coming products and loads of customers contacting us we are finally there. The honey machinery is loaded with steam!
Since we have opened up for commerce in Europe from this very week I have to blog in English. Worse is that you have to read my poor English that will sound a bit childish in native UK peoples ears but I can perhaps improve.
I am so happy to be able to offer 4 different products today. One of them is the old H13 that was our first and only product since 2010.  The difference is that it contains more bacteria today. Per gram you find the top numbers of these beneficial bacteria found in wild fresh honey instead of the mean as last year.
The product called H13+ Essential is the most exciting one since it is nature´s finest.
H13+ (Essential) production
Imaging having all the nature can provide from summer in one bag. It contains edible pollen from all the best flowers through the entire summer in Sweden when the light is ever lasting. Together with forest honey and the top value of the bacteria, well you have to taste it. Some love it some don´t but it is all natural and healthy since you actually can survive on this food only, for real!
The Hangover product has come out of our closet, we had no choice!

After a big party this summer with 300 happy ones, including me and Alejandra it was impossible to deny its effects, no more Hangovers! Soon (2 weeks) a mobile app is available with it keeping track on you and your friends.
 As a disabled that you become with the toxic stuff, we sometimes long for (the alcohol) someone has to certify that the HANG13 bag is consumed before bed time, otherwise worthless. With GPS it tells you that you are soon entering your bed or someone else’s after struggles on the dance floor or in the bar or perhaps at a private party. You will be in safe hands! For folks already familiar with the product it really sucks when "HANG" was forgotten.
Olympic games in London approaches and we would like to be able to introduce the first and only natural sports drink needed for athletes during these competitions. Has someone got an idea how that will become reality please tell us. This sports drink contains Swedish forest honey and lemon and the bacteria, nothing else. We do not transport water and we offer a bottle, with design from Johanna at www.curtdesign.se as always, that do not transport air or steel space during transport. It tastes good and keeps you healthy with the bacteria even when you get exhausted from heavy exercise.
Soon we will offer more products; there will be no end of ideas in this mind of mine.
We and others know that natural food plus staying healthy is very important for athletes. The world top ranked triathlete Camilla Lindholm  and one of Sweden’s top ten marathon runners Lars Andén use H13 regular in their sport.